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The new Ternary London floral silk bandana collection pays homage to the iconic paisley print and the versatility of the bandana, creating a collection that takes our famous blooms to a new dimension and lux look to what has been a street style staple for generations. Small light with a pop of colour and print makes the Ternary Bandana the only summer accessory you will need for both home and holiday.

The blue hydrangea floral silk bandana neck scarf has the perfect combination of blue tones and the classic signature symbol of the 90's bandana print Hydrangea-blue-silk-bandana-floral-scarf-ternary-londonPink peony floral silk bandana neck scarf by Ternary London is the perfect floral summer accessory

If you considered Bandanas just passing fashion trend, think again. They have actually been around for over 200 years since medieval times. The term “bandana” is believed to have originated from the Portuguese and also the Hindustani languages. The word had a simple meaning – it described a primitive method that was used to obtain a dyeing effect by tying up a cloth. This simple neckerchief does everything from keeping dust out, keeping hair back, keeping sweat off your brow and keeping your neck warm without getting in the way.

In the US the bandana square was commonly to depict imagery and patterns promoting political issues and advertising. The below depict scenes of George Washington from 1776 and images from WW1.


Over the years this humble square piece of cloth, has become a well renowned accessory marrying both function and form, worn by every walk of life from cowboys, farmers, workmen, B Boys, hip hop stars, rockers, bikers, punks, festivals goers, celebrities, style icons and is now again becoming a must have item.


Recreate looks from the 80’s and 90’s by wearing in the hair.Take it neat by folding into a line and ties one round the neck or Keep it classic as a loose triangle tie around your neck.

Pink peony floral silk bandana neck scarf by Ternary London is the perfect floral summer accessory    Calla purple floral silk bandana neck scarf by Ternary London Accessories    Hydrangea-blue-silk-bandana-floral-scarf-ternary-london

Or create your own style for summer with a Ternary London bandana. Great with white tops, denim, dresses, overalls or on hats and bags. Bandanas are versatile, fun and an indispensable accessory to make any basic look chic and trendy.

Khaki-peony-silk-bandana-olive-pink-scarf-ternary-london    Cala Purple floral silk bandana neck scarf by Ternary London Accessories    Hydrangea blue floral silk bandana neck scarf by Ternary London Accessories

Ternary London Lux Silk Bandana Collection can be worn as an accessory, knotted loose or folded up around your neck as a choker, wrapped around you wrist or ankle. It can replace a belt or be tied on your handbag or tie round a straw hat to instantly add a classic riviera look. Our bold floral prints have been cut in with classic paisley patterning. Our designs are created to give you something different with each fold making our silk bandanas a casual and classic print all in one accessory.

Ternary London Lux Silk Bandana Collection are  designed and printed in the UK on 100% Habotai silk, beautifully finished with pin hem edges. Get hold of yours now – SHOP THE COLLECTIONS – Enjoy 20% off and Free UK Delivery use code SPRING17