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Ternary London founders kaylie Mountford and Karla Boncompagni


TERNARY: From Latin ternarius, from terni ‘three at once’ Adjective: consisting of or involving three; threefold; triple. Chemistry. Consisting of three different elements or groups.

Ternary London is a fresh new print design studio already coveted by influencers worldwide such as @diipakhosla, @thelondoner, @thelondonchatter and @stylonylon creating bold printed silks and cashmeres by botanical photographer Kaylie Mountford.

The collections merge photographic floral work with abstracted print to create unique lush prints giving a modern urban touch to traditional botanicals and exploring a darker side to blooms. The collections have a strong distinct style and edge and are coveted by those seeking uniquely designed textiles.

Ternary London values ethical manufacturing and work with UK manufacturers and smaller more artisan creatives worldwide to create the collections.

Ternary London is a brand for those seeking uniquely designed accessories that are covetable pieces to treasure alongside a luxury brand experience.


07843 416 515