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TERNARY: From Latin ternarius, from terni ‘three at once’ Adjective: consisting of or involving three; threefold; triple. Chemistry. Consisting of three different elements or groups.


Ternary London is a new luxury accessories brand founded by Photographer Kaylie Mountford and Jewellery Designer Karla Boncompagni.

Based around the element of three, two designers and an inspiration point. Ternary London launches with three capsule collections deriving from specific

design stories which translate into a selection of distinctly designed luxury scarves and jewellery.

The fourth collection is a brand focused collection entitled Ternary Timeless and will evolve over time to house our most iconic Ternary centric designs.

Ternary London is a brand for those seeking uniquely designed accessories that are covetable pieces to treasure alongside a luxury brand experience.


07843 416 515

07756 998 405